Skilled Nursing Facilities

Your loved one needs help with most basic functions on a daily basis, including dressing and perhaps even feeding. Cognitive disability may have progressed to a point where your loved one is not safe unattended. One or more chronic diseases require close management.

The operative word in a Skilled Nursing facility is skilled. Your loved one needs care and attention you are simply unable to provide, and will be unavailable in any other residential setting. Skilled nursing facilities often encompass rehabilitation services for rehab-only patients but may also be available for long term residents as directed by a physician to enhance mobility and improve quality of life. Chronic diseases such as diabetes and congestive heart failure impact circulation and can lead to rapid limb and skin degeneration. Quality skilled nursing manages chronic disease and cognitive disability and has high impact on quality of life. Quality of care can vary greatly from facility to facility and is always a function of administrative leadership. Key indicators: how is the food? Would you enjoy it? If not, your loved one wouldn't likely either and will be prone to malnutrition. Visit the dining room during meal time. If you notice a patient is brought to a table soiled, the facility is not worth your consideration.