The Cascades At Riverwalk

1012 W Jordan River Dr
South Jordan, UT

The Cascades at Riverwalk is a premier skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility focusing on state-of-the-art rehabilitation services and superior care in a well-appointed and upscale setting.


3,200 square foot state-of-the-art therapy gym Intensive therapy programs focused on quality outcomes Higher nurse-to-resident ratio and therapist-to-resident ratio Multiple luxuriously-furnished community living spaces Flavorful, restaurant-style meals Choice of private suites or shared suites Engaging community activities


We specialize in transitions—transitions from the hospital to our rehabilitation community—and from our community back to your own home. After your stay, if you continue to need therapy, we have relationships with some of the best home health agencies in the valley.


You can’t walk very well…or you can’t stand up without help. Maybe you’re weak and you’re afraid of falling. You’ve had a stroke, a hip, knee, or shoulder replacement. Perhaps you’re not able to dress and groom yourself. Or maybe an illness made you so sick and weak you’re having a tough time swallowing your food… We can take care of that!

Intensive Therapy, Maximum Results.

When it comes to therapy we don’t mess around. We’re serious about rehab. When you come to us we’ll work hard to get you better in the shortest time possible. If you need to take it slower, no problem. But expect us to give you our maximum effort.

Let Our Physical Therapists Help You Walk With Confidence.

Whether your difficulty with walking is caused by an amputation, stroke, joint surgery, or simply weakness, we’ll do everything we can to get you walking again. Our Physical Therapists specialize in it. We might use fancy words like "gait training," but what it boils down to is this: most of our patients walk out the door on their own two feet.

Joint Replacements.

Artificial joints (hips, knees, shoulders, ankles) require special post-op care and rehab. There’s nothing we do better. We understand the anatomy, the limitations of your new joint, and how to get it working at an optimum level.

Balance. Get it and Keep it.

Your balance system is affected by cognition and reflex speed, strength, and something we call proprioception. If your balance isn’t what it used to be, we have all sorts of ways to improve it.

Occupational Therapy—We’re Not Trying to Get You a Job.

Occupational Therapists are specialists in retraining you to do all those things that used to be so easy—like getting out of bed, bathing, getting dressed and grooming yourself. We call those activities of daily living. You may be having a tough time doing those things if you’ve had a joint replacement, stroke, or serious illness.

Speech Therapists—If You Need Them, They’ll Be There.

If you’re having difficulty with cognition, speech, or swallowing our Speech and Language Pathologists (Speech Therapists) are there to help. They’re experts in improving your ability to communicate, think clearly and swallow properly.

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