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Moving can cause stress, fear and anxiety in all of us. Moving a senior out of a home they love and have lived in for 30, 40 or even 50 years can be downright traumatic. Senior Move Managers don’t just move boxes, they move people with a lifetime of memories. They work alongside seniors and their families to help calm fears and work through the grieving process, as a trusted partner in their transition.

Families who have hired a Senior Move Manager say it’s worth every penny. These services are more affordable than you think considering the time and hassle you are saved. Senior Move Managers are new to Utah, but seniors in other states have been using them for years. Now there is a Senior Move Manager with training and experience in Utah. Lets Make This Move opened its doors in 2016 and is now serving Salt Lake City and the surrounding area’s.

5 Reasons you should call a Move Manager:

  • Most seniors have spent a lifetime collecting STUFF. They have stuff from their parents and grandparents and they are saving this stuff for their kids. But the kids don’t want the stuff. Hiring someone who is not emotionally attached can help reduce tensions between family members and speed up the process.

  • Many time adult children are out of the area and just don’t have the time it takes to downsize or move senior parents due to family or work commitments. Senior Move Managers take on some of the responsibilities of getting the move completed. Using a SMM helps reduce the stress everyone is feeling. This allows families to just be family.

  • As we age we lose some of our strength, balance and flexibility. Seniors find it more difficult to do the physical things they could do in the past. Senior Move Managers understand the limits of older adults, both physically and mentally. Using a SMM can help reduce the possibility of injuries and accidents as they work together. Downsizing is a process. Sometimes seniors just need a little extra time to process the changes.

  • Move Managers understand the complexities of moving to a retirement community. They are familiar with floorplans and can help with furniture placement, knowing what to take and what will not be needed. SMM can do the packing, unpacking, setting up the furniture, hang pictures and even hook up electronics. They also work with the moving companies to make sure everything arrives on time and in good condition.

  • Senior Move Mangers have a wide network of trusted professionals. Finding the right retirement community, buying or selling furniture, moving and getting the house ready to sell, these are all things a Senior move Manger can help you with.


Having worked as a Real Estate Agent and Broker for 30 years, I was ready for a change. In trying to decide what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, I went to work for a new retirement community being developed. I quickly learned that I did not like being tied to a desk for 8 hours a day. I interviewed around 400 seniors who were interested in that community and repeatedly heard “We would like to downsize but we have lived in our home for 30 years and have a lot of stuff, we just don’t know where to start”. In trying to find someone to help these seniors, it became clear, that there was a real need that was not being met.

After more research and lots of training, I opened my business “Let’s Make This Move”. I choose this name because it has many meanings. Let’s make this move, because I want to decide where I life. I don’t want others deciding for me. Let’s make this move, because I want to stay in my home, but need help to make it safer and more manageable. Let’s make this move, because I need to downsize to a senior community where I can still be independent and have a social life with other seniors. It does not matter what your reasons are, it’s time to make this move. So as a mother of 4 adult children, grandmother to 7 grandchildren and wife of 47 years. I started this company because I believe helping families go from overwhelmed to organized is the best job out there. I looked at my qualifications: I have been moving families for 30 years as a real estate agent. I’m very organized. My training is in Interior Design. I enjoy the challenge of finding solutions to problems. I love working with people and families. I understand the physical and emotional stress of moving (having moved myself about 14 times in my married life). I have downsized from a 4500-square foot home into a 900-square foot home. I’m very flexible, meaning I understand when changes need to be made. These qualifications were the needed qualifications to be a good Senior Move Manager. I opened my doors in 2016 and have enjoyed being able to help others at this very stressful time in their lives. Working together we can figure out how to best to make this move for you and your family.

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