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There are many emotional as well as financial benefits that come with a pre-planned and pre-paid funeral. A funeral is one of the most personal and emotional events your family will ever share. A family discussion of funeral planning, although sensitive, can be a very worthwhile experience for you and the ones you love. Pre-planning for your final expense is a smart decision for everyone regardless of age.

Services Offered

  • Medicaid-Compliant Final Expense Planning
    • Medicaid planning is often overlooked by many clients who believe they will never need to apply.
  • We Help You Understand Your Options
    • We help individuals find out which costs are applicable to them, payment options, and understand what they are investing into.
  • Emotional and Financial Benefits:
    • Alleviating the difficulties of decision making in a time of grief
    • Guaranteed prices: the cost of your funeral won’t be affected by inflation
    • Surviving family members are not left with the expense
    • Minimized confusion and anxiety for your surviving family members
    • Prevention of emotional over-spending

Service provided to all counties in Utah

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